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What is ES Academy?

With a passion to provide the latest and most innovative solutions for people learning to ski, our instructors are in fact not just working on your skiing, but are also dedicated to their own professional development. This ski industry is ever changing; new equipment and design innovation enable skiers to learn faster, and to take skiing to unforeseen levels. Many ski teachers, ski schools and indeed ski instructor associations are being left behind. Without the necessary motivation and confidence to question long-held beliefs, ski-teaching methodology can become outdated and ultimately restricting.   Fun-4The ES Academy is an innovative industry leader that refuses to stagnate. The ES Academy has assembled a team of dedicated and progressive coaches from many different nationalities and ski instructor associations. We have the experience and confidence to challenge the status quo and develop ski teaching in order to move the industry forward.   Our primary focus is to provide coaching for the Ski Instructor. One of our core formats is a season long training program for qualified ski instructors. These instructors dedicate their time between teaching skiing as a job and further training themselves to be the best within the industry. Many are working towards a specific level of qualification and others are aiming to improve their level of skiing and teaching with a more global approach. The minimum requirement to join this group is a Level 2 Ski Instructor qualification. In addition, each place is subject to interview where experience, skill level and professional standards are recognised.   Onces academy european snowsport verbier ski instructor training coursese enrolled, each member is assigned a mentor from the coaching team. Our Academy Coaches provide a slightly different approach to ski improvement than the traditional ski lesson. They use things like: decision training, spectrum training, video performance diaries, equipment consultation, and written reports and studies. By using some of the more beneficial aspects of social media, our team stays in touch with other industry leaders and provides both specific and global development strategies.   Each member of the Academy has the opportunity to be selected for the Ski School Instructor team and combines work and training with all the other aspects of ski resort life.   Whilst a Level 1 or 2 instructor is able to work in the industry, building a career out of being a Ski Instructor takes something extra. That is where the ES Academy comes in!   Want to learn more? Check out The ES Pathway.   Get in touch to discuss opportunities for the 2015-16 season. See you on the slopes!   Written by Nick Reader