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Geek, Guts and Passion: The secret to success

ES Academy runs season long work/training programs that focus on you!

Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself – am I getting any better? Do I repeat the same old mistakes? Can I feel improvement in my skiing and my understanding? Am I putting my all into this? Am I just training in the same old way? Or am I trying something new?

Normally, we like to train our strengths and neglect our weaknesses. We like to train the things we enjoy and forget those things that intimidate or bore us.

When Muhammad Ali trained for his fight – “the rumble in the jungle” – with George Foreman in Zaire, he talked about his training regime and described what he had been doing differently in his preparations

“I’ve wrestled with alligators. I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning. And throw thunder in jail.” He had the three main ingredients to be a champion: guts, technique and passion.

ES Academy European Snowsport Verbier

Will Hodson – Academy member

To be your best you need to achieve your potential in your technical ability, and also your mental and physical ability.

Ask yourself what is holding you back. Do you need to be more of a geek, and alter some of the fine details of your fundamental skiing? Do you need to push yourself mentally to overcome fears of speed and terrain? Does your fitness and strength let you down? If you are honest with yourself and can work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths then you stand a chance at achieving your potential.

The only person that can really make that difference is you. Take responsibility. Get advice from your coach on how to formulate a training plan and aim to achieve your genetic possibility. Be open-minded. Absorb the sensations and look at all parts of your skiing and aim to improve them all.

ES Academy European Snowsport Verbier

Ashleigh Bond – Academy member

The Canadian Ski Coaches Federation have long used a performance analysis model to help their athletes determine the limiting factors in their performance. BASI use a very similar concept too.

T Technical
T Tactical
E Environment
E Equipment
P Psychological
P Physical

These are the factors that affect your performance. Be true to yourself and work on your needs. If this looks a bit boring then simplify it with:

G Geek
G Guts
P Passion

See you on the hill…

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