Hall of Fame

Welcome to the ES Training Hall of fame!
ES is very proud of all the people who have worked and trained with us over the years. Often they have achieved great things thanks to the training, encouragement and support they receive at ES. The people below have achieved the qualifications mentioned while or just after working for and training with ES.
(ISTD passes indicate technical and teaching modules only on some athletes)


  • Rowena Phillips (First non Swiss to reach this level; the highest in Switzerland)



  • Christian Brown ISTD
  • Emma Cairns ISTD
  • Michael Crawford ISTD
  • Alexander MacLaren ISTD
  • Mark Mckellar ISTD
  • Joanna O’BrienISTD
  • Alex Poole ISTD
  • Matthew Rivers ISTD
  • Annabel Seel ISTD
  • Lee Wright ISTD (tech)
  • Rachel Kerr (tech)


  • Myles Bax ISIA
  • Chris Ackner ISIA
  • Oliver Corkhill ISIA
  • Georgia Fitzgerald ISIA
  • Louis Hall ISIA
  • Rowan Hobson ISIA
  • Timothy Jones ISIA
  • Martin Lewis ISIA
  • Paul Messenger ISIA
  • Guy Ordway ISIA
  • Tim Wilson ISIA (Telemark)
  • Sean Yates ISIA (Telemark)
  • Charlotte Crawley ISIA
  • Tom Wilkinson (Tech/Teach)
  • Bradley Hatcher
  • Oli Mackenzie
  • Max Linney
  • Rachel Kerr


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