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The ES Pathway

Do you aspire to work as a ski or snowboard instructor? Here is an overview of how to do this with ES.

The ES Pathway

ES only employs qualified snowsport instructors, but there is more to becoming a snowsport instructor than getting qualified and being a strong skier/rider. Like any client facing role, we need you to be personable, good company and entertaining hosts. Our mission is to create an atmosphere within the school where your long term professional development is as important and encouraged as much as your daily performance with our clients.

The ES Pathway

Academy Training Day 2014 Zermatt

We have a diverse mix of instructors working for the school from a variety of countries. While we have the following programs which have a BASI  and CSIA focus we also provide training for instructors in many systems especially Swiss Snowsports and the Swedish Snowsport Instructors association.

Step 1 Am I good enough?

Before even contemplating becoming a snowsport instructor you need to have been skiing or riding for several years and be able to tackle every run on the mountain with ease.The ES Pathway

Step 2 Am I suitable?

Then you need to want to teach for the right reasons. If you want to prop up the bar in uniform and live the image then you will probably find you don’t enjoy the actual teaching. It’s far more likely that you will enjoy being a snowsport instructor if you genuinely enjoy seeing other people improve whilst they have an enjoyable holiday. There will be many days when you will be teaching on the beginner slopes while everyone else is out skiing in the powder. Get used to it! But you’ll also have plenty of time to get those first tracks!

Getting Qualified, How?

Each country has one or two organisations that qualify instructors. We recognise many qualifications and encourage people forward whatever system they are in. Starting out in a system which is taught in your own language is a good plan.

The ES Pathway

You can do qualification piecemeal, however the quickest and best way to achieve this, which will properly prepare for you for a job, is to do an intensive course.

The ES Pathway

Steep Bumps

Moving to ISIA and beyond

If you’re serious about a career in snowsports you will want to progress to ISIA stamp and ISIA Card. For those gaining qualifications through BASI, ES offers an ISIA Program through ES Academy.  The ISIA Program runs for the whole season. The students work for ES during the peak season and train in low season. Training is delivered by our top trainers five days a week.

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The ES Pathway