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ES Academy Our Offer

  • Ski Instructor Training Program Verbier,  Zermatt & Nendaz
  • Level 1& 2 Courses Nendaz ( Coming Soon )
  • Level 3 Train and work course Verbier, Zermatt & Nendaz
Ski Instructor Training
ES Team Verbier, The Elite

Season-long Ski Instructor Training Program Verbier, Zermatt & Nendaz

Ski instructor training in Switzerland with the ES Academy ISIA program is a season-long training and development program, with the opportunity to experience working for one of the largest, most established private snowsports schools in Europe. The program is focused on preparing you for the ISIA exams and building your experience as a ski instructor. 

Ski Instructor Training Verbier, Zermatt & Nendaz

The training and development program will prepare candidates for all modules of the BASI Level 3 (ISIA) qualification. All candidates will be mentored through their own individual development and action plan.

What’s Included

  • 165 hours of training with ES’ top trainers  including current and former examiners with CSIA and BASI, and ISTD’s.
  • Personal action planning and mentoring with your principal coach.
  • Regular video feedback.
  • Regular off-snow fitness training.
  • Professional trainers to deliver specialist aspects of the programme, including Freestyle training with some of our experts.
  • Second discipline preparation with ES Ride, ES Adaptive or ES Telemark.
  • Mountain Safety and off-piste training with ES’ experienced off-piste instructors.
  • Guidance on equipment.
  • Work for ES.

Taking your skiing to the next level without the help of an experienced coach can be very difficult.

Ski Instructor Training

A good coach helps you achieve your goals in the fastest possible manner.  Learning how to manage your performance expectations and recognise your success helps you build on your progress. Timely, accurate and simple feedback from your coach enables accelerated learning.  This method not only creates results quickly but also ensures these changes are consolidated and built on in the future.

“A clear technical understanding of simple skiing skills leaves the door open for fast and steady progress.”

Ski Instructor Training

Learn how to feel when it’s right, understand your objectives with renewed clarity.  By taking a course like this, you are taking control of your development.  Create a learning contract between yourself and your coach so you understand each other’s motivations and methods, and success is inevitable.

Ski Instructor Training Verbier

This course takes qualified ski instructors and helps them become industry leaders. The ISIA and Level 3 represent high international levels of skiing and professionalism.  Reaching this level takes determination and a love for skiing.  The rewards are obvious but the journey to get there will surprise you. 

Work out what you are trying to do before you try to do it;  It sounds simple but is too often overlooked. The following points are conceptual areas that will be covered within the course:

Ski Instructor Training
  • What is the goal of skiing?
  • How do we recognise successful training?
  • Breaking the mould
  • Outcome-based actions
  • Developing your eye and your understanding develops your skiing
  • Myth-bustin